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Teaching Empathy Using Online Simulations

Continuing the Discussion

In our most recent article, we discussed VR and other platforms that can help teach empathy online. Today, we’ll look at two examples of simulations connected to our online world that can possibly help us put ourselves in other’s shoes. The virtual worlds we’ll look at run the gamut from interactive flash web-based simulations to virtual reality environments. Take a look at each and determine if they would help you develop empathy.

Our two main examples today put one into the shoes of someone in poverty. Often, this is where empathy is lacking in many societies, from those who have never been in a situation where resources aren’t plentiful or even available. Can a simple simulation at least begin to make someone think differently about someone in an impoverished situation? It is worth a try, at least, and since the online world is an easier and safer place to do so, perhaps this type of simulation can have a positive impact in the offline world.

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